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1Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations on Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:42 am


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Faction Rules:
1. Respect your fellow faction members.
2. Handle your business, if problem gets bigger, take it to the officers in PMs, not in guild chat.
3. Be mature. No QQing all the time.
4. Bad mouthing in world chat is not allowed. Don't make faction look bad. You are a representative of Deicide.

PK Rules:
1. We are RPK faction, kill whoever you want, just not Deicide members!
2. Alts that are not in deicide are free to kill BUT if someone tells you their main is in Deicide, please be courteous and stop. If your alt is getting killed, simply log on your main and clear it up w/ the pker. If problem persists, then bring it up to an officer.

TW Rules:
2. Listen to your squad leaders and squad leaders listen to the directions on Vent.
3. Log in at least 1 hour before war starts to get in squad and get ready.

Officer Rules:
1. Officers who rage quit will have a 30 day position ban.
2. Be sure on current recruitment requirements. If any questions, ask Leader/Director.
3. Help out faction members whenever possible and be there to resolve disputes.

Rules and Regulations Zelestial

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